Sugarcane Biosecurity Zones
Biosecurity zones for the movement of sugarcane plant material and machinery have been established to prevent the spread of pests and diseases.
Sugarcane Plant Material
Movement of sugarcane plant material between biosecurity zones is strictly prohibited without prior approval from Biosecurity Queensland. For more info visit the DAF website.
Machinery Movement 
Any machinery that has come into contact with sugarcane, or soil that has grown sugarcane MUST have a Plant Health Assurance Certificate (PHAC) to move between sugarcane biosecurity zones.
Anyone wishing to move machine between sugarcane biosecurity zones should contact their nearest productivity service. In the Herbert, HCPSL offers a free inspection service for machinery leaving the district and crossing into another biosecurity zone.  
Biosecurity is everyone’s responsibility and fines do apply for anyone found to be doing the wrong thing. Please contact your local productivity service for further information.